Agatha at 2 yrs old

Agatha at 6 yrs old - milked out

SG Soldier-Mtn Lady Agatha 2*M
LA@ 3 yrs  90 EEEV
2005 Top Ten #2 Production, #1 Butterfat, #1 Protein

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Wisdom's Way Legacy Pete AI
CH *B Iroquois-KC Yreka Legacy AI
Wisdom's Way M Magnolia
Ap-Cree Acres Lady Lie Lie 1*M
2001 Top Ten Butterfat
+B Golden-Raintree Crackerjackkid
Ap-Cree Acres Lady Liesea

Agatha is nothing less than a queen, both in the herd and in the milk room.  She posted an incredible Top Ten ranking milk record as the youngest doe listed with a record of 1-11 305 4660 204 138. 

To top it off, we were thrilled when her 3 yr old appraisal score came in at 90 EEEV!  She scored an impressive 42 in stature, 36 foreudder, 39 rear udder arch, and 34 medial.  She scored an E in front legs, rear legs, and rump.
Her next highlight for 2006 was to garner the coveted SG designation!

Her cream color has always made her a standout.  Some judges love her, some hate her, but she always drew attention!  She was defeated only once as a yearling, and was kept home after that to do what she does best --make milk!  If I had to choose only one doe to keep -- Agatha would be it.

2007- Agatha is again on track to make the Top Ten in production.  Still in progress (she isn't done yet!) 269-4650-169-128

Agatha had a really tough kidding with huge triplets in 2008, and ended up with some damage in her pelvic area.  She has never really moved quite the same since, and thus was considered NIC at appraisal time.  We decided to allow her to dry off early this fall since we don't think she has much left to prove!  Her current numbers for 2008 are 247-3370-128-95.

Agatha once again made the Top Ten list in 2007!  She came in with a final record of 293-4880-178-135, which was good enough to put her #3 in milk, #2 in butterfat, and #2 in protein.

Winter 2009 -
Agatha aborted this year after some serious fighting to retain her queen status (which she did!)   We were unsuccessful in rebreeding her for late kids, so we will try again this season.  Even though she did not freshen, she still managed to put up a respectable lactation projected at #2560!

Agatha has some permanent nerve damage and muscle degeneration on her right hip/leg, and likely will not be in condition to appraise again.  We were pleasantly surprised when we brought her out at appraisal (as required) and the appraiser told us that she would have definitely gotten an "E" mammary!

Update 11/09 - we are fighting a uterine infection on Agatha, but are hoping to get her to settle soon.