Soldier-Mtn WHB Black Cat

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DOB: 4/02/2018

Black Cat is a return to a buck we owned years ago, Waiilaptu HLL Baxter.  Baxter was pretty special to us, being the sire of our beloved Time and we thought it the right year to bring him back!  We were not disappointed, as Black Cat is a really promising yearling - better than these pictures!   Black Cat was the 7th place milking yearling at the 2019 National Show, and peaked at 12.8# as a milking yearling!    

Black Cat is bred to Soldier-Mtn RD Lip Service for late February kids.

LIFETIME TO DATE: 215-2502-59-72

Lac   Fresh   DIM   Herd  CtrlNo  Proc_Date  Mod_Date LT Mk LI TC TC2 OS% PC Opn DCR Milk  DCR  Fat DCR Prot DCR  
 1 2019/04/22 215 82840105   145 2019/12/04 2019/12/06 0 00  0  0       0  0  -1  88  2500  89   59  88   72  90