Used in 2016

*B Soldier-Mtn All Jacked Up   *DNA

+*B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack x Soldier-Mtn Encore Matinee




*B Soldier-Mtn RD Lip Service  *DNA

                                                                     *B Tempo Aquila Rimrock Desperado x SGCH Soldier-Mtn PVN Lip's Don't Lie                                                                 

*B Redwood Hills Zodiac Adonis  *DNA

+*B Tempo Aquila Zodiac x GCH Redwood Hills Affirmed Azulla



                                                                                       Adonis is for Sale!   We have used this boy as much as we can in our small herd,                                                  and have him in the tank.  Time for him to find another set of girls to work his                                                                                  mammary magic on!

Junior Herdsires for 2017

*DNA Pending

       *B Soldier-Mtn Jaeger Straight Up

*B Soldier-Mtn RD Secret Seeker  

For Sale $600  Seeker is a HUGE yearling buck that gave us some very nice kids, but the herd husband is saying there are too many boys here - since we are retaining his half brother, Seeker is looking for other employment.   $600

AI- Herdsires for 2017

+B Clovertop's Cinsation   

++*B Sodium Oaks Sasin

+*B Kerstrat Magnificent Obsession

++*B SG  Hoach's RHRS Kazaa Kinfolk *DNA  *Elite Buck*

+*B Sand Dance SDT Prodigious

+B Waiilaptu HLL Baxter 

Reference Herdsires 

*B Tempo Aquila Rimrock Desperado  *DNA

Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock x Tempo Aquila Rosamarina

                *B Soldier-Mtn WRCC Debonair       *DNA

              +*B Willow Run Connor Christian x SGCH Soldier-Mtn X-Rated Diva




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