Cafè is one of the last daughters from our beloved Italian Ice, bucking the white trend by being a plain old chamoisee.  As a yearling she was one of the top producers, already showing the dairyness and productivity that was so exemplified by her dam.  She peaked at 13.2# before we started backing the girls down for an early fall dry off, something we do every few years in order to preserve the sanity of the goat keepers. 

People tend to forget that although yes, we do have incredible producers, we are not a commercial dairy and unless we are really motivated to prove out a particular animal, we have no reason to milk into the winter months.  We also have a busy family schedule, and that has to come first.  

Cafè appraised at 13 months old with a very respectable 87 VVVV, and continued to mature nicely over the rest of the year.  She is not a flashy doe, but solid all the way around, a definite keeper. 

Cafè has been bred to Tempo Aquila Rimrock Desperado for a March kidding.  Kids are priced at $600.