Soldier-Mtn PVN Clara Bow
DOB: 5-16-11

                          Pictured as 2 yr old

5th place Junior Yearling 2012 ADGA Nationals                                                                                          2 yr old udder

Pearl Valley Speed Nyeri       
+* B Redwood Hills Revolution Speed

Pearl Valley Laredo Nakuru
LA 89 VEEE - yearling score


Soldier-Mtn X-Rated Diva
LA 92 EEEE                     
*B Shining-Moon X-Rated

SGCH Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird

Mae West and her sister Clara Bow are our two yearling Diva daughters.  We experimented with having them freshen in the fall to be able to see udders before winter set in, and therefore move out animals that were not going to make the cut.  Well, the joke was on us, because both of them are definite keepers! 

 Mae and Clara were 4th and 5th place in the Junior Yearling class at the national show this year.  Mae has a slightly smoother front end assembly, but Clara has more stretch and style.  When they were younger, I would have said that Mae had more strength, but as they have matured that is no longer the case.  Mae's udder has phenomenal attachment all around, but Clara has more desirable teat placement and shape.  Really, they are two wonderful does that just have slight differences between them.  Mae has already been bred back for a spring kidding, and Clara will be as well as soon as she cycles. 

2013- Clara is maturing into just the kind of doe I dreamed of!  She has kept all the wonderful qualities of her dam, Diva, and improved upon them.  She has a beautifully balance mammary system, with exceptional all around attachment.  She has tremendous grace and presence as she walks, and an incredibly flat and wide rump.  I absolutely cannot wait to show this girl in 2014, and what a dam and daughter pair she and Diva are going to make!   Unfortunately she was pregnant at appraisal this year, so will not have a score until our next session.


Yearling udder