Soldier-Mtn X-Rated Diva

LA@ 2 yrs  - 91 EVEE
LA@ 3 yrs - 92 EEEE

DOB: 2/26/2010

ISDGA 2013- 3 yr old

2012 ADGA Nationals, 20th place 2 yr old

                                                                                                                                                 (not uddered up)

2011- Ah Diva....Diva is the clown of the barn.   If you are working and have lost a tool -- it's almost certain that Diva has it.  She excels in "helping" on any and all projects.  The problem is that she is so sweet that you can't even get irritated with her!

Diva is a long graceful girl -- almost swan-like.  If a goat could be a ballet dancer, it would be Diva!  Her udder is high, tight, and butter soft.  She tracks perfectly straight, and has a lovely, fluid gait.  She continues to grow up and develop just as we had hoped, her body capacity is increasing, and her maturity is coming along.  She doesn't quite look like the baby face that she did this year :)  She had a very short milking season this year, due to her owner's desperately needing a break!  We'll work on a longer season next year  ;-)  186-900-32-26

2012- Diva just gets better and better -- her appraisal score this year wowed us -- she is the youngest doe we have ever had go 91 EVEE!  The appraiser's opinion was to look out for her in a few more years!  She is finally growing into her long, stretchy frame.  Diva was not behaving her best at nationals - fighting her handler- but she still made the cut in a huge 2 yr old class.   Back home, she was GCH, BOB, and BDIS at the last show out.  What a great ending to the season, and I can't wait to show her off next year!

2013- Diva really made a splash this year, going 2x GCH, 1x BU, and 1x BOB at the Syringa show.  She was also part of our Best Dairy Herd group.  She just keeps getting prettier as she matures and deepens out.  She is also proving her worth as a brood doe, producing some lovely offspring for us to develop.  While she does unfortunately live up to her name on occasion, she still has a very sweet personality.  Her mammary system is super soft and pliable and is a joy to milk.  I am looking forward to getting her out more next year.

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*B Shining-Moon X-Rated
Willow Run Wonder Revolution
GCH Shining-Moon Sine Qua Non
SGCH Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird
+*B Pearl Valley Golden Sequence
90 VEE
Pearl Valley Tierro Ladybird

LIFETIME TO DATE: 63-4730-179-130

3-01-147-184-57-48 In Progress


             Summer 2010