Fashion - fall, age 1, milked out

Early spring - yearling

LA @ 1 yr   84 +V++

                                                                                Soldier-Mtn PVRA Hi-Fashion
                                                                                   (Click for ADGA pedigree)

                                                      Pearl Valley Rainman Aragon x GCH Pearl Valley Prodig Hi-Society

At our appraisal, Fashion was in a very gawky, leggy, and just sort of "odd" looking phase.  As she matures, she has continued to fill in and balance out.  She has one of the prettiest rear udders in the entire herd - high and wide, with typey small teats.  She has also proven herself to be quite a milker, although in order to cut back on chores, we did dry her off early.  Nonetheless, she still earned her milk star in only 234 days.  She has been bred to our new junior herdsire, Barbwire RHSS Archie, and I anticipate this breeding will lengthen out her foreudder, as well as bring in a more correct front end structure.