7/7/2018   - We are thinning out the baby pens and the milking herd!  Email or FB message for pricing.

2018 Doelings - These will be moved to the dairy buyer soon, so if you want one, be quick!
1) Mesa x Soldier-Mtn All Jacked Up
2) Mizchief x Redwood Hills Zodiac Adonis
3) Champagne Toast x Soldier-Mtn Jaeger Straight Up
4) Gone Coastal x  Soldier-Mtn Jaeger Straight Up
5) Showkayce x  Soldier-Mtn Jaeger Straight Up

Adult Bucks 
1) Soldier-Mtn RD Secret Seeker
2) Tentatively - Soldier-Mtn Jaeger Straight Up.  We have "Spotty" in the tank, and the husband is saying we have too many boys this year!

Adult Milking Does
1) Soldier-Mtn SSM Ferretti
2) Soldier-Mtn RD Kokomo 
3) Soldier-Mtn RHRS Hott As Ice



Kid Deposits or Payments