Hummingbird age 1                                                                                                        Hummingbird- age 3

Soldier-Mtn PVLM Hummingbird

LA@1 yr 86 VEVV
LA@2 yr 89 VEVE
LA@3 yr 90 VEEE

DOB: 3/12/07

Pearl Valley Laredo Tego x Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird
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Hummingbird is a very stylish, feminine 2 year old.  She is showing us a lot of the same strengths that her dam Snowbird has, along with a stronger medial and more correct teat size and placement.  She was an important part of our show string this past season, and stayed in the top spots of her class.
2008 Lactation: 244-1110-32-32

Winter 2009:  Hummingbird stayed home this year to mature a bit more.  She is still in the gangly "all legs" stage, and we look forward to her maturing over the next few years.  She had a projected lactation of #3240, which was wonderful, though a little hard on her body condition. 
Hummer has been bred to Soldier-Mtn Freelance Blackout, and is due in March. 

2010- Hummer finally made it to a 90 VEEE at appraisal!  The appraisers were very complimentary to her, saying she was the most graceful looking doe in the herd. 

January 2011- We are hoping to add another Hummingbird daughter to the herd - she is bred to Pearl Valley Speed Nyeri for March kids.