Myna udder                                                                                                           Myna, 1 yr old -1 week fresh - milked out

                                                                                                           Myna 2 yrs- at appraisal


*B GCH Waiilatpu HLL Baxter x SGCH Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird

LA@ 1 yr: 87 VEVV
LA@ 2 yr: 87 +EVV

I apologize for the poor picture of Myna, but we just never got to her this year!  Because we had so many yearlings, we chose to show her twin, Mockingbird.  Mockingbird did us proud by going 10th place yearling milker at Nationals, but we think Myna could have done just as well!  She was our highest appraising yearling this year.

Myna is super long, and stretchy, and very flat from thurl to thurl.  Her and her sister were the tallest yearlings in the barn - taller than the 2 yr olds!   She has a super long neck, and is extremely graceful on the move.  Her udder is high, wide, and she has a long, extended fore.  Myna is projected at #2630. 

Her twin sister, SG Soldier-Mtn WHB Mockingbird - now in Juli Huffman's herd :)

2010- Myna is still in the gawky phase, trying to fill out what is an extremely long and stretchy frame.  I daresay she has the widest rump in the herd, and if she grows into it all, will be quite nice.  This is one of those lines to have patience with.  She scored an impressive "E" in Rump and hind legs.

January 2011-  Myna is bred to our new senior herdsire Pearl Valley Speed Nyeri.  I expect kids to be a mile long and HUGE from this cross.