Soldier-Mtn Wampum Opal

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DOB: 2/27/2017

 To answer the first question - no she isn't a Saanen!  Opal is a continuation of our white line, which began with an Experiment doe named Ap-Cree-Acres Lady Lie Lie many years ago.  Opal is now 4th generation American Alpine, and we cherish these white does we occasionally get - one reason is that they often end up being Top Ten milkers! 

Opal's sire is the one and only Sodium Oaks Wampum - had I know what kind of babies were hidden in that straw, I would have used him sooner!   Opal did not settle as a kid, and so was a first freshening 2 year old in 2019.  She certainly did not disappoint us!   Opal was the 11th place 2 yr old milker at the 2019 National Show.

We decided to do a breeding with her this fall that will produce kids with the most Sodium Oaks blood seen in a quite a few years - she has been bred to our Sasin Son - Soldier-Mtn Sasin Selleck for a late February kidding.

LIFETIME TO DATE:   205-2213-61-64

Lac   Fresh   DIM   Herd  CtrlNo  Proc_Date  Mod_Date LT Mk LI TC TC2 OS% PC Opn DCR Milk  DCR  Fat DCR Prot DCR  
 1 2019/05/02 205 82840105   147 2019/12/04 2019/12/06 0 00  0  0       0  0  -1  87  2210  88   61  86   64  89