Soldier-Mtn Sasin Selena

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DOB: 3/14/2018

Selena is the culmination of a long awaited A.I. breeding to the one and only Sodium Oaks Sasin.   She was a VERY immature yearling, and it is going to take some time for her to grow into herself.  She has tremendous femininity, style and dairy strength, so we will see what the next few years bring.

She is bred to Colquitt's Delta Force for a mid March 2020 kidding. 

LIFETIME TO DATE:    224-1747-44-50

Lac   Fresh   DIM   Herd  CtrlNo  Proc_Date  Mod_Date LT Mk LI TC TC2 OS% PC Opn DCR Milk  DCR  Fat DCR Prot DCR  
 1 2019/04/30 209 82840105   148 2019/12/04 2019/12/06 1 80  0  0       0  0  -1  94  1690  95   43  94   48  96