Soldier-Mtn LS Shiver Shot

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DOB: 2/27/2018

Shiver is a young doe I am really excited to see mature.  Another Lip Service daughter, and out of Cafe, there is no doubt she is going to be milky!  She has been a very awkward yearling, but as she matures she is starting to put it all together.  Shiver was 13th place milking yearling at the 2019 National Show, which was her only outing.  

Shiver is bred to Lacey Oak OC Ambition for a late Feb/Early March kidding.

LIFETIME TO DATE: 236-1937-57-55

Lac   Fresh   DIM   Herd  CtrlNo  Proc_Date  Mod_Date LT Mk LI TC TC2 OS% PC Opn DCR Milk  DCR  Fat DCR Prot DCR  
 1 2019/04/01 236 82840105   141 2019/12/04 2019/12/06 0 00  0  0       0  0  -1  91  1930  92   57  91   55  93