(pictured as a yearling)

                                                                                                         3 yr old - Eastern Idaho Fair
2 yr photo- ISDGA

4 yr old - 11th place


SGCH Pearl Valley Sequence Snowbird
LA@1 yr 87 VV+V
LA@2 yr 88 VEEV
LA@3 yr 90 VEVE
LA@5 yr 91 VEEE

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*B Pearl Valley Golden Sequence
90 VEE
GCH +*B  Mellow-Acres Goldenrod
LA 91

SGCH Pearl Valley Hi-Fi's Mandolay 4*M
Pearl Valley Tierro Ladybird AI
GCH ++*B Shahena'Ko Sumo Tierro
GCH Pearl Valley Obsession Birdie 4*M

I wasn't really looking for another doe, but when Jonathan mailed me these pictures of Snowbird, I had to have her.  Another beautiful Sequence daughter, she is long, tall, stretchy, and gorgeous.  Her udder is to die for, with a 40 foreudder and 41 Rear udder height!  She also scored an E in back and rump.

2007 was Snowbird's year!  She easily finished her championship, garnered the coveted SG designation, and had numerous BOB awards.  I am really looking forward to taking this doe in the Challenge classes as a 3 yr old.  She has matured into a huge, sleek and stylish doe.

Snowbird has almost matured into my "ideal' doe.   I would like to see her have a stronger medial and slightly smaller teats, but her body size, length, and stretch is incredible.  

Birdy had a great year with her 11th place finish at nationals!  I am so excited to see this doe mature in the years to come, she just keeps getting better!

2010: Snowbird appraised with a FS of 91 VEEE!!!!  E's in Head, Front legs, back,  and rump!  She is one of the longest and tallest does in the herd now - maturity sure looks good on her.  Her doelings from X-Rated are absolutely stunning. 

2011- Snowbird is still one of the prettiest girls in the herd :)  She had the year off, but we will get her clipped up again next year and take her out some!

2012- Snowbird got extremely sick this spring, and I had just about written her off when she turned the corner and started to improve.  She has bounced back in great shape, and regained all her lost weight.  She kept on milking through it all!  Snowbird has been AI'd to Hoach's Encore Performance this fall, and it looks like it has taken (fingers crossed!) 

2013- Snowbird had an absolutely terrible kidding this year, and we dried her off as soon as we could to allow her to recover.  I am hopeful that she will gift us with at least one more set of kids.