Hoach's CC Sunshine
LA @ 3 yrs: 91 EEEE
LA @ 4 yrs: 91 VEEE

Pictured as a 4 yr old

2012- ADGA Nationals 11th place 3 yr old

2011-Age 2

2011- Age 2

Clovertop's Cinsation
Willow Run JC Renyard
Clovertop's Clay Cinnamon
Brandt's BSTS Selebrate
*B Brandt's CFS Set The Style

GCH Brandt's Starbuck's Van Latte

 Sunshine was a doe I didn't plan to buy :)  When I went to pick up Speed, it wasn't too hard to convince me that he need to have some company on his ride home.....there were some very lovely does there (many of them Speed daughters!) but I kept coming back to Sunshine.   As a first freshening 2 yr old, she is a very smoothly blended doe, with a lot of strength throughout.  Her crowning glory is her beautifully shaped and attached mammary system.  This is an udder that is just going to get better and better.  

She continued to milk extremely well after the move, with a high test of 11.4#.  Pretty good for a first timer!  Although we dried the entire herd off early, she was a respectable  228-1880-60-54.

I am very excited to integrate Sunshine's genetics into the herd, as she is a much needed fresh blast.   A granddaughter of the gorgeous VanLatte, I look forward to those pretty mammary systems that represented the Brandt/Hoach herd!

2012-- Sunshine continued to mature this year, even though a single buck freshening didn't give her quite the capacity that we had hoped for.   She certainly shined at appraisal, with a solid score of  91 EEEE
.  Her mammary system is simply flawless in all aspects.
At the national show, Sunshine was the first 3 yr old to be pulled out of the line up!  What a thrill!  She finished in a very respectable 11th place in the 3 yr old class.

2013- Sunshine is finally starting to bloom as a 4 yr old.  She was reserve at the tough ISDGA show in the spring, and then pulled out a GCH leg over the rest of the herd this fall.  Her mammary system is just as stunning as ever, with an increased capacity that really shows off the flawless attachment that she has.   Her production this year with a set of twins has been terrific, with a peak of 17.7#. 

LIFETIME TO DATE: 746-8090-305-236

4-00-174-2800-94-79  In Progress